OUR Vision



Kownayn Foundation’s vision is to tap into inner human potential and harness them, to build life and create opportunities.  


The foundation strives to make those goals possible by providing skills and services directly to the individual Through educating, inspiring and advocacy in order to empower and improvements from personal levels to societal; and affording skills and educations; empower woman, children with understand and self-respect, reviving human rights and restoring sanity and Islamic principle into the society and social norm

Core Value

The foundation core values lies in understanding that all human born with unique talents and skis and deserves respect and appreciation. Serving the needy is noble course. Act responsibly and respectfully in the process and all efforts undertaken to serve those that need services provided by the foundation and all that need help.

Strategic objective

Kownayn Foundation’s strategies are aimed for exploring and harness for the potential of native population. Fund and support community based initiatives such as schools, hospitals and infrastructures.  Kownayn’s Foundation partner-up with other significant organizations that play important role in the area that we serve. Promote social and educational development throughout the area.


Compliance & Accredition